A man lies on platform 25. He was by himself amongst the busy sydney crowd. He was alone on the floor And sat like he was having a casual lie down. Anyone would have thought he was having a rest. His eye lids were droopy,  they partially opened and closed. His focus was diverted to Every breathe he took. His body clenched at the thought of living another moment of life. In his head he said “let me be, I don’t know where I am, who I am. I just want to rest”  His crippled and weak physique was hidden underneath his oversized winter jacket that gave him the aesthetic of extra muscle. The jacket, pants and top were the first piece of clothing he bought after the break up of his marriage. In the span of 30 years he did not buy a new set of clothes. His money went into creating a new business. He had invested in more than two. He couldn’t hold himself up, the security guards were the only people that could provide support to him. In the last five minutes of what the security guard mentioned as a slow painful death, the man walked on the escalator and before he reached the top, every inch of life stored in his muscle and bones broke apart and this man fell into the arms of people he had only just met. His body travelled in the ambulance as a singular entity that did not belong to anything or anything. His soul was disconnected from the most important energies that could have kept him alive.

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