En Route: South West Coast of England; DAY 1.

The countryside in the UK is astounding. It is in its most natural state as though the landscape has been untouched; animals are grazing and bright coloured flowers are blooming.  I have only ever witnessed the beauty of it through photos, films and TV. Instead of booking a tour, I chose to take a four-day road trip and drive through both Cornwall and Devon.

The whole trip I relied on google maps. Not the best option when there is no service and you find yourself stuck in a small town going around in circles because you can’t get back to the main road.

The first stop was Port Isaac.

According to google maps, it would take 4 hours. I left at 8 am from Heathrow Airport and arrived in Port Isaac at 3 pm. Since the majority of the day was spent in the car, I had the Beatles playing on shuffle in the sound system and a big bag of snacks that was consumed all too quickly.

Port Isaac.


This is my favourite spot within Cornwall. There is no car access to the town.  However, it’s a steep walk down narrow streets to get to the shoreline.  The streets are so small that a smart car cannot fit through.



All the houses are two-storey, yet they are small and compact. The doors are smaller than me and the houses are built to ensure that land space is not wasted.

From afar, the town is beautiful in its own unique way. None of the houses is the same, they are all unique in their own way. Some are painted blue, pink, white. Some are brick and some have flowers overflowing in their front yard.

I was not expecting the weather to be extremely cold. Although, it is England and the weather is not always pleasant.

However, when the sun shines it illuminates the whole town.

Later in the afternoon, Port Isaac was quiet and peaceful. You could hear the sea and the sea gulls in search of food.

It’s quiet just quiet. 

People are friendly and joyful. 

They live in cracks on a hill. 

Houses are each unique and have special names. 

The streets are narrow and restrict access to big commercialised cars. Everything is on foot. 

The beauty is what can be seen when stepping out of the bubble. 

Birds are chirping amongst the deep reds and pinks that have bloomed.

On that particular day, the BBC UK show ‘Doc Martin’ was shooting a scene. It is very popular amongst the older generation. I would know because my mother and father watch it on a regular basis. It was interesting to see the number of ‘fans’ squished together at the side of the road, on looking ordinary people act.


The afternoon ended with traditional English breakfast tea in a little cute tea house up the hill.


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