En Route: South West Coast of England; DAY 2.

The further away I travel from London the more interesting England seems to be.

I made it to St Ives, Cornwall just as the sun was setting. The sunsets in England in comparison to Sydney are so beautiful. The colour of the sky is a deep rich blue which appears to look magical.

I started the day with a traditional English breakfast minus the eggs, bacon and sausages. Hostesses in Bed and Breakfast’s are extremely welcoming as though their home is your home too for the night.

A ten-minute drive from St Ives is another one of my favourite places; called Sennen Cove.

On this day, it was hot, sticky and muggy which seemed odd considering it is on the coastline and it is generally cooler.  It seemed very tropical.

Unlike St Ives which is a popular spot on a tourist’s list. In my opinion, Sennen Cove is an underrated hotspot.  The tiny town is predominantly hills that are covered in vegetation. There were flies everywhere, many beds of long grass, exotic looking flowers and houses which were moulded against the rock formation.

The location of this place is at the very edge of the UK. It seemed like an island because in this town the cosmopolitan world is insignificant.  The locals are living in paradise away from a commercialised environment that merely views residents as consumers. The people of the town are just living for the sheer pleasure of it. People’s lifestyles are maintained and developed by the people around them and not the rules that have been created for them.

For some people, they are happy living simple lives.

At the top of the hill, everything was visible.

You can see the crisp blue ocean fade out into the distance.

You can see the pigments of red, blue, yellow and pink scattered between nests of green grass.



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