En Route: South West Coast of England; Detour to Tavistock.

Taking a road across the South West Coast of England is not something you can achieve within three days if you want to see a lot.

Up until now there has not been enough time to have a sit down meal during the day. This is why I love Tesco and its numerous locations just off the highway. So far I have made two stops in one day for food, petrol and to use the bathroom.

The plan for this day was to drive through Dart Moor National park. However, I decided to stop at the Small medieval town of Tavistock. I had not planned to stop over but the architectual designs of the buildings caught my eye.

A market was being held in a community hall where antiques, paintings, clothing ceramics etc were being sold. It is called the Tavistock Pannier Market.



The stall that I loved had glassy pigments of red, purple, green and blue. It was the one that had painted portraitures of women posing in their 1920’s style outfits.


The paintings painted with glass paint have a vintage look that reminds me of the The great Gatsby period.

The women in the photo is Patricia Dean Dalton and she runs the stall. She hand paints the portraitures and mentioned that in two weeks she completes around four portraitures. Each painting has several layers of glass paint to achieve its contrasting colour.

Her Facebook page:


You never know what you might see when you stop over in these towns.


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