En Route: The South West Coast of England; Day 4: Fruits and Magic.

The Last day in the countryside and no day is complete without a cup of coffee.

These past couple of days have been surreal. I still cannot quite get my head around the beauty of the English countryside. The open lands, the abundance of flowers and the serene atmosphere makes the English countryside a place of inspiration.

I visited a fruit farm and picked strawberries and raspberries. I must say, here in England the quality of the fruit is very good and cheap as well; especially berry fruit.


On the way back to London I visited Stonehenge. Is it bad to say that I enjoyed looking at the poppy flower fields than Stone henge?

I will not argue with the fact that the history of StoneHenge is quite remarkable.

When I was there I noticed an unusual number of crows hanging around the edges and on top of the Stonehenge. It seemed as though they were guarding the public space as though we were intruding on a spiritual space.

Crows are spirit animals that are associated with magic and the mystery of creation.

It was strange, crows eat anything and as I watched the Crows mannerisms it looked as though they were aimlessly looking for food. They pecked at the grass every so often after observing the movement of humans around them. They only congregrated around the area of Stonehenge. As soon as you walk 10m away from the stone there were no crows in sight.

The circular movement of the Stonehenge felt powerful, there is a gravitational pull within me and as I walk out of the circular ring the wind pushes against me like it wants to gravelling back around under its power.



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