The park.

After spending almost a week driving around the countryside of England I was sad to be leaving it behind.

The last time I visited London it was winter and even then I liked the cold weather at the time. But, seeing how London looks and feels in the summer, I never want to go back into the cold.

The one aspect of London that I love the most is the parks. Some are so beautifully done up like the Rose gardens in Regent’s park.

Everyone loves to walk their dogs.

When the wind bleeds into my face, arms, hands and encapsulates my whole being, it’s intensity is calming.



My lungs crave the oxygenated air. The dark ivy leave sways like a ballerina performing to the young couple on their afternoon date. A bottle of wine and take out.

Some areas of the park are empty and don’t look like areas of access to the public.

The park in London is a wonderful scene. It is apart of the culture here, to picnic with your friends, to relax on your break, to go on romantic dates, to get inspired, to walk your dog. It’s accessible to everyone.



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