Beds of Lavender.

I ran through the beds of lavender with the wind liberating me.

I watched the bees buzz between lavender flowers.

I stumbled across laughter from a group of friends sitting around an abundance of food at the centre of the field.



I was fortunate enough to visit the Lavender fields one week before the flowers would be harvested. The Lavender Mayfields was not a hard place to get to; catch the tube to Wimbledon, change to national rail, get off at Sutton, catch a bus and walk (p.s. It is ‘easy’  as a tourist without a car).



Only two days before visiting had I decided to go. Thanks to the great social networking app Instagram for showing photos of the site in my discovery page.

People who had just visited had left with the scent of lavender stuck to their skin.

This place was heaven. The sun shone against the vast a ray purple that seemed to never end; each direction line of sight was filled with hedges of Lavender.

The fields smelt of lavender, the cafe shop was selling food and drinks that contained lavender.

Looking back at the photos I took and thinking how surreal it was to be in that place.


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