A Temporary Farewell to London.

Every time I hear someone say ‘London’ my heart sinks into this cyclical pattern of emotions; jealousy for those entering a superb city, love because I remind myself how amazing the city is and melancholy because I am not there experiencing London life 24/7.

The City of London will always be my go to place. I cannot explain my love for this city but every time I visit I feel right at home.


In a way, it feels like its home away from home. I would love to spend the rest of my life moving in and out of London.


As this has been my third visit to London I am realising which parts of London  I love more than others. It sounds odd, how can you not like all of London?

To tell you the truth, just like every other city there are difference niche’s and only on this trip did I discover my ‘niche’.


My favourite places are Knotting Hill, Shoreditch and Camden. I think they are pretty funky places.


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