People Watching in Prague.

No one can deny the entertainment that you get from people watching. Some might think it’s rude to just stare at people.  I personally find it incredibly interesting the way people interact with each other with different gestures and mannerisms.

I was sitting in a cafe designed for people watching. The cafe is situated on the corner of an intersection with glass windows filling the entire height of the cafe.

Across the street were two little girls sitting outside the ‘James dean’ Restaurant. I could not grasp the occasion since one girl was dressed in a fancy white dress that looked like a wedding dress.




Moments later many others walked out of the restaurant and the picture became clearer to me.

It was a gipsy wedding. It was interesting to see that their culture accepts marriage at a young age.  The girl in the white dress looked around fifteen or sixteen years old.


Her future has been laid out for her before she is able to contemplate what she wants in life. Everyone has their own way of living and that is understandable.  However, her duties now as a young girl is to create and support a family.


However, her friend in the navy dress wished her friend a Happy Marriage. Not frienderversary and not a Happy Birthday.


{A Gipsy encounter outside a James Dean Restuarant}



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