Insecure or just ‘You’.

Have we sabotaged ourselves and our self-esteem by defining the word

What do we perceive as beautiful?

A perfect complexion?
The combination of darkness and light?
A size 6 body?
something precious, rare and sacred?
An intangible feeling of euphoria?

We should all aim to be rare and unique human beings because we why would we want to be someone else. Why would we ever want to imitate someone else when you have the opportunity to create something new to bring to the world.

What is it about you that can add value to humanity?

Let’s be real here. No matter how hard we try there is always an inch of ‘I care about what that other person thinks’. We can try tell ourselves that we don’t but there is always someone in our life that we care so deeply about their opinions of our actions and thoughts.

What is not okay is to give those opinions power to change how you perceive yourself. Try not to be concerned with other people and their judgements- they do it enough on their own as it is!

I can assure you that there are a lot of people in this world who you wouldn’t think is deeply insecure- but they are. It is not a bad thing either. Bad thoughts, negative thinking, insecurities are valid just as positive thinking, contentment and serenity is too.

You cannot be anything but vulnerable and there is nothing wrong with that.

I have insecurities- but I have learnt that it is okay because it makes me who I am. I wouldn’t be Alana without them. There are things about me that I would want to change- but there are things that I wouldn’t.

So, where there is light there is darkness, if we always see the bad in ourselves we are missing the opportunity to also see good in ourselves. We need to accept everything.

Although, I personally I do not like the word insecurity, there is nothing wrong to begin with. We have given it a negative connotation.

We basically at start to hate on ourselves when we say “these are our insecurities…” We call them insecurities because we have compared ourselves to someone else who has a quality or trait that we want for ourselves. We have it- ALWAYS. We just need to find a way to access it.

There is a fine line though- To love yourself does not mean to build yourself an ego that in a split second could be diminished, shattered and leave you empty. It means to accept EVERY single thing about yourself without the attachment of the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’

If society thinks otherwise who gives a fuck- you are not helping yourself.

At the end of the day we are all concerned with ourselves.

We are always independent to the other person- our relationships with other people is the connection you have based on similarities that you independently created for yourself. How can you build solid connections when you aren’t your true self?

Connect with yourself and you’ll connect with the right people.

Spread Love because everyone deserves it.

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